After a facial

What to expect after a facial?

Allow your skin to just detox itself – the breakout will clear up in a day or two. While many facials don’t require any down time, you may notice some redness or irritation in your skin post-facial. This is normal too! This is especially true if your skin needed a lot of extractions or you get one of the peels done.


1. Hydrate
While a good facial will leave your skin feeling deeply moisturized, you’ll want to keep it going by drinking about two liters of water daily.

2. Moisturize
In addition to hydrating your skin by drinking plenty of water after your facial, you should also use a gentle moisturizer to replenish and lock in that moisture.

3. Be Gentle
Following deep cleansing, extractions, and exfoliation, your skin may be a bit sensitive after a facial. For that reason, it’s important to stick to gentle cleansers (and you might want to skip the toners for a few days, too.

After a deep cleaning, harsh skincare products are unnecessary, not to mention, they can likely exacerbate any minor irritation. Furthermore, when washing your face in the days following a facial you should use lukewarm water and pat dry.

4. Use a Clean Pillow Case and Fresh Towels
A facial deep cleans your pores leaving them open and exposed, so make sure you’re using a clean pillowcase so dirt and oil doesn’t clog pores when you sleep. The same goes for towels, or anything else that might come in direct contact with your face for an extended period of time.

5. Follow the Esthetician’s Instructions and Advice
Depending on the type of facial you get and the unique characteristics of your skin, your esthetician will provide instructions including what to do after your facial. Additionally, the esthetician may provide recommendations including specific products to incorporate into your skincare routine, or lifestyle tips to help you achieve your skincare goals.

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